I have been apprenticing with an illustrator since early 2006. In my time working with Joe, I have become pretty masterful at Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. We are currently working on a graphic novel that depicts the life of David (from the Bible). I’m doing the coloring on the project. You can check it out at: http://www.valorink.com/TheDavidStory p4_bottom_cell_small

Web Design and Development Projects

I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a focus in Graphic Design from the University of Central Florida in December of 2013. While my academic studies were in art and design, I found that I really enjoy web development, as well. I build almost everything on the WordPress platform, and develop using a myriad of web languages and libraries. Most commonly I write: PHP, HTML, CSS (Sass), JavaScript (jQuery), and some MySQL. Check out my Recommendations page to see the resources I use to accomplish my work.

The Art History Game This was a project that I came up with, to help me and my classmates study for our Art History courses at the University of Central Florida. The Art History Game The David Story: A Visual Translation This is the site for the graphic novel that I’m working on right now. The David Story: A Visual Translation
The Nehemiah Foundation for Cultural Renewal The Nehemiah Foundation for Cultural Renewal Georgia Shaffer Georgia Shaffer
Logicircuit Logicircuit

Motion Graphics

I’ve worked a tiny bit in Adobe After Effects. It’s all been self-taught, but I think the work is solid.


While being educated at UCF, I found that I really love to paint. Learning to paint has informed a lot of the illustration work that I do now.

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