Exam 3 :: Comments & Mnemonics

Feel free to post a comment, or share some of your mnemonic devices with everyone.

(I would prefer not to have all sorts of profanity in here, so please use discernment when posting.  Also, please be intentional with your comments; try not to turn this into a venue for off-topic conversation–it just makes more work to sort out what will benefit our studies.)


  1. Juliana says:

    Haha! I bet one person said something (not me, I swear!) and he said a “bunch” just to mess with you! He loves to mess with everyone, but he does it out of love…

  2. Jordan says:

    I just noticed their isn’t a Lecture Question section as in the our previous exams. Is there a specific reason?

    • Rusty says:

      Yeah, I’ve been too busy to put them together.  I want to try to have them ready for class tomorrow, but I’ve got some other things that are higher on my priority list.  I do intend to do it, though. Keep checking back.

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