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Feel free to post a comment, or share some of your mnemonic devices with everyone.

(I would prefer not to have all sorts of profanity in here, so please use discernment when posting.  Also, please be intentional with your comments; try not to turn this into a venue for off-topic conversation–it just makes more work to sort out what will benefit our studies.)


  1. Rusty says:

    Giovanni Pisano was interested in Gothicism, as opposed to NiCola Pisano’s interest in Classicism.

  2. Rusty says:

    CAVallini prefigures Giotto’s break from the Byzantine style.
    Men lived in CAVes before Ghettos.

  3. michellebakels says:

    In Simone Martini’s The Annunciation, Mary looks like a bitch waiting for her Martini.

  4. Rusty says:

    Guildberti donatold Donatello how to guild bronze.

  5. michellebakels says:

    BonaVENTURA Berlinghieri painted S. Francis panel for the S. Francis altarpiece. S. Francis is known for his love of animals. Ace Ventura, pet detective is known for his love of animals. BonaVENTURA– Ace VENTURA.

  6. Rusty says:

    Pieta | Giovanni da Milano
    Jesus looks like he got fat on MILANO cookies.

  7. Laura says:

    “On the Dignity and Excellence of Man” is by MANetti.

  8. genesis p says:

    I know its late but for all 7 of you slackers studying with me tonight I’ll be posting my little tricks to remembering the IDs!


    difference between n pisano’s pulpit and his son’s?
    n pisano’s pulpit in PISA has a piece-a’ dark framing in between the panels at the top, while g pisano’s in Sant’Andrea has another sculpture
    (look at the images and it’ll make more sense, I swear :p)

  9. genesis p says:

    Giovanni Pisano’s Mary (sister of Moses) has an awkward goose neck

  10. genesis p says:

    Duccio’s Betrayal of Jesus shows new pictorial ideas because the people in it react to what’s happening- it’s like they’re saying “Dude let’s dip!!!” as they flee the frame.

  11. genesis p says:

    Duccio’s Entry into Jerusalem is an awesome display (for someone who didn’t know perspective), but it doesn’t have the psychological depth



    (it’s late, I’m drinking coffee like mad- forgive my dumb)

  12. genesis p says:

    Two brothers (Lorenzetti) merge two styles (Florentine + Sienese) into the Tuscan

  13. genesis p says:

    in Daddi’s Madonna and Child, it looks like bby Jesus is slapping Mary and saying “Whos your daddi!”

  14. Ali says:

    Nicola Pisano is the father of modern sculpture- St. Nick somehow helps me remember that.

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