Exam 3 :: Lecture Questions

Who published Estampes Decoratives?

Who helped revive the color lithograph in France, using brilliant colors?

Who combined lithography and wood engraving and printed in oil?

Who invented lithography in 1798?

Who edited “La Plume” (a French literary and artistic review)?

Who developed the first color lithographs, helping usher in the greatest tradition of lithography?

Who was the master of lithographic color and lithographic poster?

Who was the curator of prints at the NY public library, and also lamented the absence of lithography in America?

Which printmakers were part of the Eccentric Movement?

Who worked in the process of cliché-verre or glass print?

Eugene Delacroix was not only one of the greatest lithographers but also a great etcher.

Who illustrated for Analectic Magazine?

True or false: Honore Daumier considered himself a painter, not merely a commercial artist.

Who opened the first lithographic print shop in Boston?

Honore Daumier worked in two categories: Political and ___________ cartoons and caricatures.

When were the first color lithographs developed?

Frank Weitenkampf called ________________ “the most promising artist of lithography”.

Degas never abandons line and is the most outstanding printmaker in the 19th Century.

Who opened the first lithographic press in Spain?

______________ established Atelier 17, a print studio workshop, in 1927 which attracted artists from around the world and helped develop different printmaking methods and techniques.

True or false: It was during The Great Depression that the US Government first financially supported the arts?

Who mixes medieval references and Japanese elements to come up with a flat linear design?

Which artist represents the transition from the end of the 19th century into the 20th century?

Who is the publisher that we associate with the German Expressionists?

Who is Marcel Duchamp’s older brother?

True or false: The prints of the German Expressionists are often considered more significant / superior to their paintings.

Lithography was originally invented for reproducing sheet music and plays written by the creator. Who was the first to use lithography for purely artistic purposes?

Who hand-colored one of their works with “Pochoir” (using a stencil and 5 separate colors).

Mattisse is the only one on his list that is associated with pochoir… Just know that, in case it comes up. I’m going to ask him about this before the test.

Who lifts woodcuts out of their reproductive-triviality and allows them to compete with the more ‘glamourous’ printing methods?

Who was the founder of La Caricature?

Who was the grandmaster of photorealism?

Whose work clearly shows the potential of the new graphic medium of lithography, using pen instead of crayon?

Who opened the first lithography press in England?

Who was the only French, 19th century artist whose development was entirely independent of the French Academy and the Salon?

Who was the chief publisher of lithographs during 19th century France?

Who started the Blue Rider group?

Who was most likely the first etcher in America?

True or false: Georges Rouault’s prints had a very painterly quality, setting him apart from the other expressionist who had a more graphic quality.

Where did lithography reach its greatest height?

True or false: Picasso, being involved in so many different art forms, cared very little for printmaking.

Thomas Way and Whistler are associated with the development of “lithotints”.

Where was the very first lithography print shop?

Who is the printer that we associate with Toulouse-Lautrec?

Who published Art Journal & L’estampe Originale?

________ created proofs using different color blocks leading to the creation of the multi-woodblock print (later adopted by Warhol).

True or false: The German Expressionist ‘Bridge Group’ focused on subject while the ‘Blue Rider Group’ focused on color and form.

Munch prints all of his color prints by hand, choosing not to use a press.

John Pendleton brought lithographic stones to America, but more importantly brought __________ as well.

“Some Views of Parisian Life” by Bonnard was published by __________?

_____________ has been called Edouard Manet’s finest effort in lithography.

Who were the three major regionalists?

Who was the first major printmaker to work exclusively in lithography?

Who started the very first lithography print shop?

Who is considered influential in colored prints, using both woodcuts and color lithographs?

What was the title of the first American book with prints, published by James Seamen in 1822 (in New York) and printed by ‘Barnet and Doolittle’?

_______________ is the undisputed giant among French lithographers.

When was the Art Nouveau movement?