Exam 2 :: Lecture Questions

Who invented mezzotint?

Who was the most important artist using the Stipple Technique?

Who is the perfecter of the Line Engraving Technique? We consider him to be the peak of technical perfection with the burin.

Who used the crayon method to reproduce the effect of a pastel drawing?

Hieronymous Cock was the publisher and dealer who collaborated with this artist:

What is considered the greatest genre print produced in Italy (genre print = everyday life scene)?

The first _________ produced in the U.S. was Peter Pelham’s “Rev. Cotton Mather”.

Who was the publisher that decided to reproduce all of Watteau’s work after his death?

Who was the first to experiment with color using soft-ground etching and multiple plates (AKA aquatint)?

___________ was the most daring experimenter with the etching technique during the __ century.

Who discovered hard ground etching?

Who was the first French printmaker to gain an international reputation (and is still considered one of the greatest graphic artists of his time & all time)?

Who was the first to use etching in Italy and used colored papers?

Who was more important for their satire and content than there contribution to printing methods?

Who perfected the “roulette” (associated with mezzotinting)?

Pieter Brueghel only produced one entirely by himself which was:

Who perfected the “rocker” (associated with mezzotinting)?

Who was the first to experiment with mezzotint COLORED prints using several plates, each having it’s own color?

Who are the three great printmakers (in the era preceding Francisco Goya)?

Of printmakers, _____________ was the most dedicated to architecture.

Name the tool used for aqua tinting.

Hopfer is credited with the invention of _________, although some say he shares this title with _________.

Who is important to printmaking due to the fact that he established a school of etchers in Italy?

Rembrandt’s prints are always etching (and occasionally etching-drypoint).

Who invented aquatint in 1650?