Exam 1 :: Comments & Mnemonics

Feel free to post a comment, or share some of your mnemonic devices with everyone.

(I would prefer not to have all sorts of profanity in here, so please use discernment when posting.  Also, please be intentional with your comments; try not to turn this into a venue for off-topic conversation–it just makes more work to sort out what will benefit our studies.)


  1. Rusty says:

    MASo FINiguerra is the MASter of the FINe manner.

  2. Lindsey says:

    Some extra lecture questions to know

    ~Who was the first important french engraver and the only solitary mystic in printmaking before William Blake? Jean Duvet

    ~Who was considered a copyist of Durer in Italy? Raimondi 

    ~What are the 4 major print processes? Relief; intaglio; Planographic and stencil

    ~A single print Woodcut is called? einblattdrucke

    ~Who establishes the first printing conglomerate know as the Aldine press? Aldus Manutius
    ~Who made a book full with a collection of Durers work? Joseph Meder

    ~The fine manner engraving metal process is known as? Niello
    ~What was the first italian print to bear an authors full signature? The battle of the Nudes by Antonio Pollaiuolo

    ~What was the most important engraving in 16th century italy? Entombment of christ by Andrea Mantenga

  3. Grant says:

    Hans H(olbein)
    Hans from Hell – (skeleton prints)


  4. Chiann says:

    I had a hard time understanding the printing process definitions, so I found some really detailed videos on YouTube of the Intaglio/Planographic processes. If you are a visual learner, I think this will help. The links are below:
    Intaglio Printing Process- http://youtu.be/SNKn4PORGBI
    Planographic (lithography) Printing Process- http://youtu.be/JHw5_1Hopsc

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