When we were studying our brains out for the first Italian Renaissance exam, we decided to put all the artists on a timeline to visually see how they related to one another in time. It was SO tremendously helpful, and I started thinking that it'd be cool to have a timeline and a deck of images (like cards) that you'd sort according to their dates. Of course it'd be a lot to do to print all the images out, and I would be the only one to benefit from it. So I made this!

To manipulate the timeline:

Scroll left/right with your mouse or on your trackpad, or press the "left"/"right" arrow keys on your keyboard. On your mobile device, swipe left/right anywhere on the screen.

To drop an image in that period on the timelime:

Click/tap the image, or press the "up" arrow key on your keyboard.

To pick up an image from that period on the timeline:

Click/tap the image on the timeline. If you press the "down" arrow key on your keyboard, it will pick up the last image in that period.

To skip an image, and put it on the bottom of the deck:

Press the spacebar. (I don't have a way to skip on the mobile devices yet...if you have any ideas, let me know.)

To see an image's info (Title | Artist):

Click/Tap-and-hold. The image info will appear in the gray header at the top, and will remain until you release the click/tap. Also, on your computer, when you hover over an image, the image's info should appear as a tooltip.

Currently there is no point system nor are there any end game affirmations... why do I always have to make you feel good about yourself?!

Click/tap anywhere to start

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