Exam 2 :: Lecture Questions

For over 50 years, the dominant influence on American artists abroad was:

First nude in American art history:

Marius on the Ruins of Carthage by John Vanderlyn anticipates:

The first 2 professionally-trained American architects (hint: Greek Revival Period in Washington D.C. and Philadelphia):

An artistic descendent of West and Copley—not interested in Neoclassical forms:

Jefferson’s most professional achievement as an architect:

More than anyone else, _______ establishes the architectural character of the great federal city of Washington DC.

In the Course of Empire, Cole was very interested in moralistic art.

______ believed in examples of antiquity for modern imitation, and this is the underlying theme in all his classical paintings.

Painted “landscapes of mood” (using glazes), not just simply topographic views:

In the decade before his death, his work would be seen as the so called swan song (end) of American Neoclassical sculpture.

This painting marked a zenith in Copley’s career:

_______ anticipates two major French styles of the 19th Century (and is therefore a kind of forerunner to) Neoclassicism and Romanticism

Monumental Classicism is the first TRULY American style.

America’s first REAL landscape painter.

Copley’s English period began with:

Because West and Copley never return to America, _______ applies their innovations to American subjects.

Authored the first book on American art.

Copley is America’s FIRST Old Master.

_______ is Charles Bulfinch’s Masterpiece.

America’s first true Classical painter:

After 1810, Ancient Greece becomes the focal point of American architecture.

The Adamesque style receives its most mature expression in the work of:

Sculptor famous for literature-inspired ideal works.

Copley learned the ________ style from _________ and it liberates Copley’s innate abilities as a colorist.

This is the consummate Copley portrait.

America’s earliest self-taught sculptor:

This painting marks the turning of Copley’s career from a groping novice to a really mature master painter.

Earliest Colonial Genre Painting in America:

Who is responsible for the consummate American Colonial Portrait?

Creator of a distinctive American portrait style, ________ is the most celebrated portrait painter in the postwar generation.

First public building in America to be patterned after an ancient temple: