Exam 2 :: Lecture Questions

Jefferson’s most professional achievement as an architect:

More than anyone else, _______ establishes the architectural character of the great federal city of Washington DC.

______ believed in examples of antiquity for modern imitation, and this is the underlying theme in all his classical paintings.

First nude in American art history:

Copley is America’s FIRST Old Master.

In the Course of Empire, Cole was very interested in moralistic art.

_______ anticipates two major French styles of the 19th Century (and is therefore a kind of forerunner to) Neoclassicism and Romanticism

Because West and Copley never return to America, _______ applies their innovations to American subjects.

This painting marks the turning of Copley’s career from a groping novice to a really mature master painter.

_______ is Charles Bulfinch’s Masterpiece.

Who is responsible for the consummate American Colonial Portrait?

An artistic descendent of West and Copley—not interested in Neoclassical forms:

America’s first REAL landscape painter.

Marius on the Ruins of Carthage by John Vanderlyn anticipates:

The first 2 professionally-trained American architects (hint: Greek Revival Period in Washington D.C. and Philadelphia):

This painting marked a zenith in Copley’s career:

America’s earliest self-taught sculptor:

Copley’s English period began with:

In the decade before his death, his work would be seen as the so called swan song (end) of American Neoclassical sculpture.

Earliest Colonial Genre Painting in America:

Authored the first book on American art.

After 1810, Ancient Greece becomes the focal point of American architecture.

The Adamesque style receives its most mature expression in the work of:

This is the consummate Copley portrait.

For over 50 years, the dominant influence on American artists abroad was:

Monumental Classicism is the first TRULY American style.

Sculptor famous for literature-inspired ideal works.

Creator of a distinctive American portrait style, ________ is the most celebrated portrait painter in the postwar generation.

America’s first true Classical painter:

First public building in America to be patterned after an ancient temple:

Copley learned the ________ style from _________ and it liberates Copley’s innate abilities as a colorist.

Painted “landscapes of mood” (using glazes), not just simply topographic views: