Exam 3 :: Lecture Questions

Homer’s masterpiece (the climax of all his previous works):

The twin peaks of watercolor in the late 19th and early 20th century are:

Who was the leader of the Ashcan School?

Who is remembered as the American Hogarth?

Before Nevelson there were NO important 20th century female sculptors.

Who was the most popular and influential teacher of the late 19th and early 20th century?

The twin peaks of genre painting are:

Who was America’s first symbolist?

Synchromism is probably the most original contribution made by Americans in Paris in the years just before World War I.

Who enters the 20th century as a 20th century artist?

Who was the archetypal precisionist?

The first monumental black woman appears in:

Eastman Johnson is the transition between pre and post civil war.

What style was the Wedding Cake house built in?

Believed that the method of application was as important as the object it represented.

Who believed in “Art for art’s sake”?

This group of artists is responsible for painting urban life, bringing about a new kind of democratic art, and revitalizing realistic tradition:

Which painting by Homer is an exact pictorial realism of Crane’s “The Open Boat”?

His drawing for this work made him famous and set the standard for artists designing books from the late 19th century on.

Louise Nevelson’s arranged objects were totally abstract.

Who is the first true American Modernist?

The first major American artist to develop west of the Alleghenies.

Homer is an OBJECTIVE realist; Eakins is a SUBJECTIVE realist.

Which two artists act on Eakins beliefs?

Who is credited with the development of the cast-iron building?

Frank Lloyd Wright was a completely unique architect, but some of the elements in his designs existed in American architecture before his designs.

Who is the leading exponent of supernatural painting in America?

Along with Samuel F. B. Morse, which artist made a significant contribution to the history of motion photography?

Which artist is typically American and provides a dispassionate reflection of raw America?

Who wrote a significant book on perspective?

Who is the first modern architect?

Nobody ever looked deeper into American life than:

What is the first example of the Queen Anne’s style?

Where was the first use of steel girders?

Who is the father of the skyscraper?

A noticeable increase in artists directly parallels the life of the Art Union.

Who single-handedly supported his artists and furthered their modern art?

Who wrote “The Builder’s Assistant”, illustrating the five Greek orders for the first time?

Who was the founding member of the Society of American Artists?