Exam 2 :: Comments & Mnemonics

Feel free to post a comment, or share some of your mnemonic devices with everyone.

(I would prefer not to have all sorts of profanity in here, so please use discernment when posting.  Also, please be intentional with your comments; try not to turn this into a venue for off-topic conversation–it just makes more work to sort out what will benefit our studies.)


  1. Heather says:

    Yo, I kind of came up with another mnemonic for one of the artists that we were supposed to read about. Thomas Moran, who did the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.

    As stupid as it is… “You’d have to be a Moran (Moron) to fall into the Grand Canyon”. XD

  2. Heather says:

    Ok, I remembered one that works as well. Remember the mnemonic for Vanderlyn from the first test?

    “Vee Vander here early!” It works on this test too. Vanderlyn is all early 19th cent.

  3. Heather says:

    Allston is ALWAYS EARLY.

  4. Heather says:

    For A.B. Durand, my mnemonic is U R in the middle, meaning Durand is Mid 19th century. Yes, I know I’m stupid XD.

  5. Rusty says:

    Maybe you could remember “Rainy Season in the Tropics” (Double Rainbow) by remembering that we learned in CHURCH (, Frederick) that God made a rainbow for Noah after the flood.

  6. Rusty says:

    John Rogers is kind of a common name, and he made table sculptures for common people.
    Slave Auction
    Fugitive’s Story
    Checkers up at the Farm

  7. Rusty says:

    It doesn’t look like Puck has grown any HAIR YET (HARRIET Hosmer)…

  8. Rusty says:

    Voyeur Vanderlyn=first nude in American art (Ariadne).

    Interestingly one person is at least mostly topless in all three of the Vanderlyn paintings that Dr. Martin showed in class.

  9. Rusty says:

    The first great American seascape was by WASHington Allston (Rising of a Thunderstorm)

    Kinda cheesy…=/

  10. Rusty says:

    ALLston is hailed as America’s ALL-time finest artist; Gilbert Stuart is the finest portrait painter.

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